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What is LUKI Fitted Furniture?

LUKI Fitted Furniture is a London based bespoke furniture craftsman with a passion for furniture design. It is a place where you can find bespoke furniture which are designed, built and fitted providing high quality service from the beginning of the process to installation and finishing. 

Where to find furniture craftsmen near me?

LUKI Fitted Furniture is located in South London if you're looking for nearby bespoke furniture craftsmen. Call us, email us, or use the contact form to get in touch with us whenever you like. We're always happy to assist or provide guidance.

What is the main focus for LUKI Fitted Furniture?

Our enthusiasm for creating custom furniture evolved over the years into a prosperous business. We have experience designing, building, and installing furniture such as desks, shelves, chests of drawers, cabinets, closets, and other unusual pieces. We take pleasure in our work and make it a priority to provide excellent value and high levels of client satisfaction on each job.

What is the process of designing bespoke furniture? 

Each piece of furniture at LUKI Fitted Furniture is specially made to fulfil high standards for both aesthetics and functionality. From discussing the initial concept with a customer, to creating a 3D preview design, building and fitting, everything is included in our service. LUKI Fitted Furniture provides the highest quality solutions to satisfy customer needs.

What type of furniture does LUKI Fitted Furniture provide?

We provide all bespoke furniture. Always looking for any existing projects, whether it's a desk that is supposed to fit in a small space or a dressing table of your dreams. With the confirmation of high quality, we ensure that from the beginning to the end everything is done in the desired way. For example, by providing repainting of the furniture after the project. You can ensure that you will get the full finished solution. 

Are you designing furniture for any interiors?

The type of furniture that we design is mainly suitable for houses. We make furniture for the whole house: bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, home offices/ study rooms, and others. LUKI Fitted Furniture offers craftsmanship of usual pieces (including desks, shelves, chests of drawers, cabinets, closets, etc.)  and unusual pieces which are mainly complex designs that require client’s involvement. What we create is 100% dependent on the client.

How long bespoke furniture last?

LUKI Fitted Furniture provides furniture for the future. The average time of properly cared for and wood furniture can last for several years. Thus it is worth an investment into something that will serve you and your family without going out of fashion.

What materials and products are used in furniture craftsmanship?

In bespoke furniture craftsmanship, there are used different materials. Wood, metal, and plastic are some of the materials used most frequently. Depending on the project requirements, LUKI Fitted Furniture uses different products, often it is Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and laminated wood. 

How long has LUKI Fitted Furniture been in the market? 

Lukasz, LUKI Fitted Furniture owner, has been in the furniture business for over 8 years, with even longer experience in the industry. Starting as a window installer to become a carpenter and finally a furniture business owner. 

What is a bespoke furniture maker?

Bespoke furniture craftsmen, in contrast to an ordinary furniture builder, produce and assemble custom furniture to satisfy the needs of various clients. Bespoke furniture designers are fully devoted to realising specific customer ideas. Designing tables, chairs, cabinets, office furniture, kitchens, and bedrooms can all be included in this category.

What is craftsman-style furniture?

Craftsman style furniture is distinguished by its solid construction, clean, basic lines and flawless fit and finish. The style also is characterised by an absence of decoration as it is supposed to be minimalistic but yet fulfilling its role in a room. Often, for this purpose, there is chosen the best and most solid materials, such as real wood with oak being the most popular option. 

What is fitted furniture?

Fitted furniture are pieces of furnishings that are harmonised with the space. It means that they fill the gaps and not only prevent clutter, but they will also make the process of doing your cleaning much easier. For example, with a fitted wardrobe, you may increase your storage capacity and remove the unkempt appearances and gaps that free-standing wardrobes provide.

What is modern furniture made of?

Nowadays, the majority of contemporary furniture is constructed of natural materials. These include leather, linen, and wood. Polished metal and plastic are also used in other items, such as seats. At LUKI Fitted Furniture you can find carefully selected materials, like EG wood, MDF or laminated wood followed by spray-painted specialist finishes.

What defines luxury furniture?

Luxury furniture combine luxury premium materials with original designs. That’s what makes them truly distinctive. Every piece of furniture has the potential to be luxurious, whether it be a solid wood wardrobe, a leather sofa, or a sideboard. Therefore, often people seek custom-made solutions that are a very common choice in luxury designs. What makes it unique, makes it luxury.

Where to find custom-made furnishings?

If you are looking for custom-made furniture in London, you are in the right place. LUKI Fitted Furniture takes pride in providing a comprehensive package of bespoke furniture services that go above and beyond your expectations, from concept design to full installation.

What are the top trends in the furniture industry?

Currently, one of the trends is multi-functional, versatile furniture showing the demand for small and portable pieces. This opens up more opportunities and requests from bespoke furniture craftsmens to design technologically advanced, foldable, and multifunctional furniture, particularly for people who live in smaller places. Besides, eco-friendly furniture are becoming popular with the ‘go green’ trend.

Client Testimonial

Brilliant service and carpenter. From the start, Lukasz was professional, patient and clearly knowledgeable of his trade. He helped us to design a stylish and space efficient wardrobe, and was open to our design ideas whilst advising on best use of space. Even returned to make a small tweak after completion. We will definitely be using his company again.
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