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The process of making your design a reality


LUKI Fitted Furniture is there to help you from the beginning to the end, meaning from the design idea to the finishing. Whether you are looking for custom-made furniture, you cannot find one that fulfils your aesthetic needs or you have a specific vision that you want to realise, LUKI is there for you. 


Often, houses in your area might be small with limited space. We use the space features to design something perfectly fitting, without reducing the dimensions, but rather adjusting in terms of the potential of a given room. We provide fitted solutions according to your interior requirements and conditions.



Discussing a project

The consultation is a crucial aspect of the whole process and starts from the discussion that contains questions and answers about the project, such as dimensions, where would you like your furniture, what is the access, etc. and what the interested person would like to fit into implementation. 


After the plan has been approved, Lukasz creates a draft that later on is sent to a client for approval or additional changes. The changes often concern what is possible to do, how the furniture will fit in, etc.


After the final agreement, there are different colours, products and materials available depending on the type of Furniture. We offer a exterior beautiful spray paint finish and an interior range of melamine board and many more.

Communication with LUKI Fitted Furniture is fast and straightforward, and the company offers solutions based on your needs.



After the piece of furniture is designed, to ensure the ‘wow’ effect, the highly important part is finishing. At LUKI Fitted Furniture we never forget about finishes. To make something truly royal-looking, depending on the furniture type, we focus on varnishing, oil or wax finish, wood dye or stain finish. It can be lacquer or even a water based finish. The colour depends on the customer.

At LUKI Fitted Furniture we never leave primer unpainted. We always offer painting after the project which gives the customer assurance of a comprehensive full finish. Besides, in our specially designed workshop, LUKI promises to handle as much of the production process as we can internally, allowing us to control quality directly and adjust as needed to meet any editing needs or specifications of your project.


3D Design

3D rendering in design is very realistic, hardly different from a photograph. This provides designers and businesses with a wealth of options and chances to lower design and production costs and produce goods that are far higher in quality than those made using conventional techniques.


Instead of needing to make the furniture itself, a product is first built in 3D modelling software, then it is visualised by adding materials and lighting to create a photorealistic or non-photorealistic depiction of the subject. It makes it less costly, more time-saving and efficient.


LUKI Fitted Furniture uses a 3D design method to show its client the most realistic version of what they will get in the final stage. After discussing the project LUKI prepares a draft in 3D first that shows the actual dimensions, before starting designing in real life.

The process starts from a 3D visualisation drawing that is sent to a customer that has a chance to notice and let us know about additional changes. We also attach some colour samples and show the moodboard images to ensure that the discussed vision is implemented completely.



The process of making the best quality fitted, bespoke furniture depends heavily on the installation quality. The furniture at LUKI Fitted Furniture are crafted with a high precision and focus on the smallest details. Our skilled installation team have outstanding levels of competence acquired over years of projects in various types of properties.


The distinction lies in our years of experience because no two design challenges are ever exactly the same. The manufacturing process differs depending on the project requirements. Our experience includes planning deliveries and installations, keeping to deadlines, and coordinating with other trades.


LUKI is offering fully finished solutions, using wood, MDF and wooden boards. With attention to details and listening to clients' needs, there is no space for mistakes. As soon as the installation is complete, our devoted team of fitters and project managers will carefully inspect it to guarantee project excellence and maximum satisfaction. 

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Client Testimonial

Brilliant service and carpenter. From the start, Lukasz was professional, patient and clearly knowledgeable of his trade. He helped us to design a stylish and space efficient wardrobe, and was open to our design ideas whilst advising on best use of space. Even returned to make a small tweak after completion. We will definitely be using his company again.
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